Don't forget jellyfish this summer 

With the heat of summer begin to appear the dreaded jellyfish on the shores of the beaches of Spain


Being almost transparent, the person who is taking bath doesn’t see them often and ends the bathroom in an upset


But we must do before an encounter with a jellyfish

The first is to ensure prevention and consult with staff lifeguard if there jellyfish in the coast

Before entering the water watching the perimeter and make sure no jellyfish in the area, never go for a swim without searching the perimeter and never leave the security perimeter


Many people think that jellyfish sting and not true, jellyfish possess stinging cells on their tentacles only, you can take the part of the head there is no risk


In a brush with a jellyfish will notice burning and swelling on the skin, the first thing to do is stop and see where is the jellyfish and if there are other more closely. Never scratch or try to separate it with your hands, this may cause another brush with their tentacles and other more pain for us, trying to move away from the jellyfish and warn others that swimmers there's a jellyfish.


Exit out of the water and alert the service personnel to the beach to go to remove


Go to health personnel from the beachor an outpatient relief doctor to cure us, it is best saline, nothing of what is commonly heard vinegar, ammonia or even human urine, this can irritate the skin even more


Apply ice immediately to reduce swelling (never directly which can burn the skin)


While we suffer the hassle of a jellyfish is not going to be killed, may hurt the same or less than a simple bee sting


Good summer to everyone 


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