There are many breeds of dogs, some 800 or so. They are divided into 5 main groups depending on their weight.


Dwarfs breeds: Are dogs weighing less than 5 kg



This group is ideal to have them in places of limited space in an apartment, on the balcony, not need exercise and usually tend to be quite suspicious and with a strong character (constantly feel threatened because of their size), require about 100g of dry food daily.

 Some dog breeds are dwarf: chihuahua, bichon Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian.


Small breeds: Dogs weighing between 5 and 14 kg



 Like dwarf dogs this group is suitable for them indoors, require more exercise than dwarfs, with only a half-hour daily walk is enough to keep physically fit, requiring an average of 200g of  dry food daily, usually dogs suspicious, being always alert.

 Some small dog breeds are: pug, French bulldog, beagle, West Highland White Terrier


Medium breeds: Dogs weighing 14 to 25 kg





It can be in a house, but it is more appropriate to have space where let off steam, require more daily exercise than small dogs, at least one hour a day, require about 250 to 350g of dry food daily, dogs are often affectionate and trusting.

 Some breeds of medium dogs are: Standfordshire Bull Terrier, Border Collie, Basset Hound, Dalmatian


Large Breeds: Dogs weighing 25 to 50 kg



 Dogs are usually vigorous and powerful, long stride, fast, tireless, require more than an hour of daily exercise, usually loyal to their own, many dogs of this group are used to detect drugs, explosives and even rescue.

Require between 500 and 650 g of dry food daily

Some breeds of large dog are: German Shepherd, Dogo Argentino, boxer, Belgian Shepherd


Giant Breeds: Dogs weighing more than 50 kg



 They tend to be affectionate, loyal to their owners, need space to play and run, not suitable for them in a flat, need a good garden to play, but they need daily exercise just a quiet walk.

Require between 800 and 1200 g of dry food daily

Some dog breeds are giants: the Caucasian, German Bulldog, St. Bernard, Spanish mastiff


If you buy a dog recommend you choose in function of your capacity you have to locate


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