Sticks for cold water fish ... for all.

I don't know its ingredientes and don't want to know.

What we do know is that the sticks of cold water fish are great for all my aquarium fish and freshwater invertebrates.

They have many advantages:

. - Float and allows the fish to eat and not drop between the gravel

. - No dirty water practically much more less than the leaflets.

. - It is more economical than other types of food

. - All eat them shrimp, snails and fish

It fills fish stomach and if we complement with home alive food and frozen food we are feeding our fish great.

The Aphanius, guppies, Austrolebias ... eat it all to perfection.

Neocaridinas shrimps eat it from the surface.

What is left of planorbis handle it in less than an hour.

I encourage everyone to try it for your tropical fish.



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