Information and breeding of Botia Clown

By their colors

By his fame to eat snails

The easy to find in aquarium stores

Botia .... and because it is one of the most famous aquarium fish all have, have had or will have these beautiful fish as tenants in our aquariums.

This fish comes from Asia, from Sumatra and Borneo.

It's a big fish ... can reach 20 cms, but we see them in aquariums with just 3 cms and often are located in 60 liter aquarium ... where avidly leap if we are not careful and close any open corner of the aquarium.

Temperature between 26 and 30 ° C, soft water ...

It is a shoal fish, it is always best to keep several fish together.

Eats all ... is reputed to eat snails, but what the botias eat are the fry of any other species we have in our community tank.

Reproduction is pending in aquarium ...

Good luck with this nice fish.



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