Chinese Crested Dog

In the late twentieth century, I was about 20 years old I heard about the existence of one of these dogs in Murcia, rather far away where I lived, something as rare as you can find. The dog breeds suffer unfortunately fads in which a race appears in the soup and then never more was seen. How long did you see a Doberman in the street?

Sadly, the only thing that moves the human being is the money, the only thing that is not able to give any kind of happiness.

Recently a friend dog breeder told me , everyone who raises dogs 90% do so for a reason, to obtain economic performance.

Dogs for me are like the house bubble.

Do you remember the bull terrier? First boom, everyone buys and then bang everyone has and no one buys.

Next step Starfford ... same.

Recently the French Bulldog .. and because we are in crisis and nobody buys anything, but I already knew that the next would be the Chinese Crested, was waiting.

And the first and are coming to pet shops.

It's a chilly dog, we must be careful in winter because they do not have hair stays frozen almost immediately.

In summer it's the same but in reverse, do not let the sun heat them... not isolated and wheezing can last days.

His character is quiet and affectionate, loves to be in the lap of his owner, if you want a dog with which mutual warm you, here's a good choice.

Crested Chinese are quite sensitive to diseases , so we should pay atencion to this and deal with a good vet to do periodic reviews to make things right.

For me, all dogs are great, if I could, this dog would be with me playing with a plastic ball.