How to send shrimps by express mail


Many times we need to send some prawns from one city to another, there are many fans and moved prawns colors, one for another. Your red send me and I will ship to you blue, yellow or white for the new question is have different colored shrimp.

We use a piece of Styrofoam we meet on the street, we will cut a strip to fit the height of the bottle.

Then cut a piece of cork which is across the width of the bottle cork more per side. The goal is to make a small Styrofoam box.

With a pair of wooden chopsticks sujetaremos cork.

We will put the prawns with fresh water, but the same aquarium where they are half water and half air.

Inside the bottle we put a sponge trozito or mesh prawns are caught.

Then will put the unopened bottle in an airtight plastic bag, in case you leave something.

Then wrap it in newspaper paper bottle and bag and put it inside the Styrofoam box.

Finally with electrical tape and we do a package directions and seals ...

The faster is urgent mail ordinary, has package tracking code and comes from one day to another, from oficiona post or any courier agency.

Greetings and good luck with your shrimp!!