Dahpnia for fish feed

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I nown the daphnia for many years, I bought a frozen blister of daphnia some years ago, but I do not remember how many years, the truth is that I prefered feed ing my tropical fish with brine shrimp or mosquito larvae, so I just did not like daphnia. But everything changed when I started to interest in supplying my fish live food. We often see aquarium fish a spectacular colorful and with very small effort we can multiply that beauty, just for this beuty of fish we sat for hours in front of our tanks with fish face.

Daphnia is a very effective live food for our fish, it motivate them to feed and can add a supply of vitamins and nutrients that will not get with industrial food.
His breeding and maintenance is also an extreme simplicity. The daphnia tolerate temperatures between 10 º C and 30 º C, alkaline waters always needed to  create their "skeleton".

Explanation of how to grow aquarium daphnia in just 5 steps:
1.-Get initial strain: you can ask a friend, pick up them in ponds where we see millions, bought in a shop .... Easy, this does not have to be complicated. I also add my email if necessary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: If you pick up the daphnia out there .... Be care not take other live things .... like leeches, larvae ....
I leave here a link: Leeches in your aquarium

2.- Host daphnia: We'll take one 5-liter bottle and add water from the aquarium and put the daphnia inside. I spend 2-liter bottles, cut off the top and work.

3.- Feed the Daphnia: Daphnia filters bacteria and algae, so like green water.
Option a) We can put water under the sun and fill out daphnia tank,  in a few days will leave water transparent, clear.
Option b) We can also feed very very small and broken spinach, do you imagine that green liquid coming out? Well that ... spinach juice.
Option c) Spirulina powder, besides we will give our fish when eating the daphnia.

4.- Feed our fish with daphnia: It's as simple as pouring water with daphnia into our aquarium, you'll see how out fish run behind them and after a while you will see fish stomachs, you will feel good for having done well, do not hesitate to try it.

5.- daphnia Maintenance: This is the most important step to ensure that you can enjoy long and daphnia to new strains in the future ...
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