What should we do when we find a bird?

In memory of this little bird ... during the spring and late summer autochthonous birds prey to breed during the months of warm temperatures in many gardens are examples like this and Who plays on these sites? Where there many trees? in schools and parks where children play.

Recently a child was the "sparrow" sorry, I was stuffing of bread, but it was useless, because it is a sparrow, is an insectivorous bird and never go ahead with bread crumbs and water until the sparrows really make efforts on human to obtain it with the diet.

What should we do? first let them, not take them or reposition them. With their parents will walk safely near from any corner and nourishing it by claiming to follow and in a few days you can take off for the trees if it gets any cat or something.

In cases of extreme need, what do we do? First we need to identify, there are many forums and groups in social networks where we can help and tell us that this is, for example, I leave this facebook group of birds that insurance breeders among its more than 2,000 members help you: 


Second, if we have a very difficult insectivorous because their diet is based on insects and have complicated to get them, but we can give flies, mealworms, flies ... all died long not even think to give 50 worms at once, a worm died and every little while more.

If a sparrow or other granivorous bird, the base pan with water but important that we add vitamins, such Protovit of pharmacy, mixed with the water droplet do you much good.

The sparrows eat everything, so they are medianitos such as the photo we can give dead grasshoppers, worms, flies, pieces of worm ... with bread and some protein such if we can take it forward.

Good luck and remember, the most important thing is not to touch them and let nature take its course.