Pygmy Corydora Information

I have really wanted to play the Corydoras pygmaeus, I now maintain a group of 4 copies, but I will increase it in 4 copies more.
Males differ from females that are slightly thinner than the females, with the belly a little wider.

To get crien we provide them quality food, because of its small size it is always recommended newly hatched brine shrimp, worms grindal, daphnia alive ...
Aquarium breeding not have substrate, will some plants, where they can do the set, put a air filter or sponge and water at 24 ° C, when we see they have done spawning, egg white opaque withdraw start another aquarium or the players, but parents say prey on the fry.

After a few days, the eggs hatch, feeding infusoria found in plants that we put in about 2 months and have a size of about 2 cms.

The month of life, and are considered mature dogs could even reproduce.

Currently keep my pygmy in an aquarium 30 liter heavily planted, with blue pearl shrimp and prawn green chekia, shrimp reproduce without problem and have many hiding with java moss and cut pots placed by hiding, but have not yet corydoras seen that play.

Maybe I can get lucky in the near future, since I have already more than six months and I would like them to have offspring.