The Breeding of Betta splendens

The betta breeding should not cause us a lot of headaches, perhaps with a little luck ...you can breed them as i did.

In my teens many of my friends were going to the football, I spent the days in the pet shop in my neighborhood ... frikie whole.

One time purchase a beautiful blue female, unmarried and in my community tank 96 liters, a few Days I Got buying a spectacular red stag, the same evening that unmarried at the aquarium started the party. I did not expect and I was surprised of the bridal copula, the male made an excellent nest, the female will let the male recogia eggs and ascended to the nest.

After 2 days, I had the tank full of fry, the male protected her nest ... and was so excited at the store buy the kit for shrimp, brine shrimp ... everything.

The truth is I did not get out any later, but it was fun, I got swordtails eating fry boots .... would buy again also a farrowing ...

If you want a fish easy to maintain and raise the Betta is your best choice, they have a unique courtship.