Raising crickets as live food.


Crickets are the quintessential food for reptiles and other animals, can be found in many shops especilizados.

If we want to prepare a crop, is quite simple, with simple recommendations to prevent escape we have an assortment of crickets of all sizes at our disposal.

Important, crickets gnaw it all, the mosquito net that we put to breathe the crop will have to be metal, otherwise it will leave the crickets in less than 2 days.

Well, you need a tapper, a respiration with metal screen mesh, think also that when born are micro crickets, so the mosquito net will be 1 mm.

Now we will put an egg carton for the crickets to have to take shelter.

For lunch I'll get you some and tomato, where drink, we change it every day, to not do bad.

To play put a pileup with peat, where the crickets lay eggs and then come straight out, we can move the container with eggs to another tapper to start another crop.

When crickets inicieis cultivation of these dumb poned, but already know that at night begin to sing and if you have 40 or 50 crickets at home to your families may not like too that relaxing noise.