how many pets you have at home?

In Species magazine specializing in companion animals have read a fact that fascinated me and I share with you all

Year 2013, six out of 10 households have at least one pet.

Impressive, 60% of households have at least one pet, rather I would think by 80%, but I have no data ...

The Spanish spend an average of 700-1500 Euros year on pet ... it seems a bit much, no?

that are between 60 and 120 Euros per month ... but on second thought if you have a dog bag 30 euros a month food we remove anyone, then vet .... maybe be a little less, but is still a significant amount.

In Spain we have

4.8 million dogs ... if we are 40 million people as a reference value of 10 people there is a dog ... whether on a farm there are 50 people, we will have 5 dogs ... for if not?

3.5 million cats ... here helps the cat lady who always has about 10 cats a minimum ...

4 million birds, of course, then goes as in my aviary, you strip joints with birds and up the middle.

6.5 million fish, I hope you have not told invertebrates here, because since I became interested in the shrimp freshwater aquarium, sure I've pushed up the average.

3.5 million others, rabbits, lizards, snakes ...

I find it really interesting this article, if I think naturebrain, I would say, 40 million people, 4 people on average per household, 1 million households ...

10 million households, 60% said that 6 million households should form and complete the information about your pet and if 60% of households have internet ...

4 million searches per year at a minimum, once a year does not hurt things animal ... position as a result naturebrain hope your internet searches on animals.