Canine Curiosities


The smallest breed is the Chihuahua

The mouth of a dog typically less bacteria and germs from a human mouth

Male dogs urinate more frequently than female dogs

The second smaller breed is the Yorkshire Terrier

The dogs with the lop ears tend to suffer higher ear problems

The dogs that live abroad move the hair 2 times a year, while those who live inside a house they change constantly
Shaking hands as we do humans for them means smelled the rear.
To participate in a beauty contest your dog must have pedigree
The digestive system of a large dog is more delicate than that of a small dog
The dog more old lived 29 years

The fastest race of all is the greyhound reaches 70 km / h

There are over 800 breeds recognized worldwide

Dogs newborns are blind and deaf and have no teeth

Dogs do not sweat like humans, in fact do not sweat, the way is open refrigerated mouth and tongue pull

The largest breed of dog is the Great Dane or German Mastiff.

The Scooby Doo cartoon is a Great Dane

Small dogs live longer than large dogs

There is a competition held every year in the U.S. to meet the world's ugliest dog.

There are dogs that urinate raising the hind legs, especially small breed dogs

Dogs can be left or right handed like humans

The first animal to be sent into space was a dog, Laika in 1957

Have found signs that warned of the dangers of the dog in some ruins from the Roman period.

In addition to the chip, you can also identify a dog in the footsteps of their noses

It is a myth that the Saint Bernard dogs carrying a small barrel of alcohol on the neck, only were used as rescue dogs

There is a 24H channel for dogs in San Diego (E. U) and is called DogTV


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