That does not make you feel bad, buy the breed of dog you want.

We are against animal abuse, we are against the abandonment of dogs and we are against the use of the feelings of people to force them to do anything.

This very well that there are people who care and take care of stray dogs, but I disagree with misleading advertising and playing with people's feelings.

I mean advertising that says, "As long as you buy a dog another dies in the street"

What fault has people breed dogs breeding mutts there?

It seems unethical to use this type of advertising.

What does a stray dog in the street? If you would seem to me rather than a dog who leaves a good fine mess, so would avoid this type of dropouts. Similarly dog without chip, fine and following.

But do not feel bad about getting a dog, you do not have any fault.

Nor does it pay iresponsabilidad have others.

I hope someone who wants to buy a dog read it and never feel bad about buying a purebred dog and not adopt a stray dog, which I think is perfect for those who want to, but without forcing anyone or play with their feelings.