How to attract birds to the garden

In winter, a small bird the size of a sparrow can lose 10% of the size of their weight during the long hours of the night to be able to withstand the cold.

As the sun rises, you need to find something to eat with him to retrieve and store calories to support a new day.

Especially in winter, as we said at the beginning is a moment idea to attract birds to our garden, we can see how small insectivorous and granivorous birds rejoice our garden in winter.

We can prepare many foods to get their attention and get them used to visit periodically.

Mealworms or Tenebrio molitor be a claim spectacular garden insectivores as robins, redstarts, warblers and others.

While not the best food, bread soaked in water will be a great attraction for sparrows and blackbirds.

A seed greaseball will delight in herreritos and charcoal, one extremely beautiful colored birds.

If we have a big garden with big trees, seeds of larger size, such as peanuts and other Birds will attract to carpenters and other large.