Unwanted Beings in our aquarium

We are all children of the same God, what happens is that some have a special charm ... as I said that, some people born with star and one star is born ...

In the aquarium it's the same, if we put the prawns reared sea of happy, if our fish breed Disco the same ... but what about other beings much less desired ... if bugs also are, why we do not like?

Well, in any case we will make a blacklist of aquarium inhabitants.

Leeches, these are my favorites right now, sometimes you take a breast that has llenia belly bursting with their young ... real justification to empty the tank and throw.

Planarians, queens of gambarios ... we take a lot of food and are bred gordisimas, sometimes eaten occasionally some gamba

Hydras, for me are a wonder of nature is more, they are super difficult to maintain long term as they require an aquarium water quality and extreme purity.

Snails, the plague of snails, if they are so cute, plus leftovers cleaned as anyone, do not leave any waste.

Duckweed as a sheet and see we have bundled, then 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 ... their growth is exponential.

Filamentous green algae, if we see a micro alga ... soon fill the aquarium, plants, everything, it is best cleaned with bleach and reset the aquarium.

Maybe we could treat guppyes also like the plague, because when they pop, there is no stop and eventually overpopulate the aquarium breaking the balance of their natural life.

Finally, an aquarium is a natural corner must have a bit of everything ... we can always do as in australia, put a bug that is eating another.

I explain better what to australia, rabbits loose and become a pest, camels loose and become plague, frogs loose and become a pest ... lian increasingly the more ....