One of the last dinosaurs

We said that there were 4 major groups of reptiles:

... and the Tuatara

Fosill The tuatara is a living, that's what his name means Maori, because it is the only thing we have left of a group of extinct animals.
Of which we can only see fossils in rocks.

It is indeed strange that the Tuatara has survived to our times and no one knows for sure why.
Since the rest of his teammates are all part of history.

The tuatara live in some islands of New Zealand.

The Tuatara are active at night.

Although at first glance we might think they are lizards, differ from these internally.
  The Tuatara have a very low metabolic rate, this means that the conversion of food into energy is very low and are able to be active at much lower temperatures that lizards and other reptiles.
Its growth rate is also extremely low, grow very slowly even continue to grow when they have 50 or 60 years old.

The tuatara has a third eye on himself to the head, an eye sensitive to light, functional only in young specimens, since the adult to increase the thickness of your skin lose this functionality

The Tuatara can reach up to 60 cm and reach sexual maturity at 20 years of age, you see are extremely long-lived and dinosaurs ... can live up to 120 years.

If you look they do not have external ear openings, as if they have the lizards and the male sexual organ does not have ... after copulation the female stores the sperm for 1 full year ...

The female will put the eggs in a burrow she dug and these hatch after 15 months. This is the longest incubation period known in reptiles.



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