This fish eats it all ....

I hope you do not ever put this beautiful fish in an aquarium with shrimps ... unless the do them to be their lunch.

It is a truly winged beauty? These fish are quite large right, we should think 500 liter aquarium for them, with temperatures around 28 º C, their diet is based on other fish, guppies, gambusia, any living thing that we can introduce into your aquarium.

We must be careful because often skip the aquarium, they are quite shy, so we should give them many shelters and plants.

Of course it's all a show the voracity of this fish, big dragon reminds me of avatar, the great hunter.

There is a fish of which we have a lot of information, because of their large size, can easily reach 20 inches in aquariums, in the wild reaches 60 or 70 cms not be able to be in aquariums of many fans, so even if you have opportunity to enjoy its beauty did not hesitate.

If you wanted to swim in the amazon acuerdate arowana tender eyes ...

They are mouth brooders, the female will carry the eggs until the offspring are independent.

Watch this fantastic video as breeding in India