Information about Reptiles


There are 4 major groups of reptiles:

Snakes and Lizards

Crocodiles and Alligators



Reptiles as we are vertebrate animals with backbones.

The reptiles are normally born on land, think of a frog is not a reptile, and for this reason are animals exactly like miniature parents, although some show a livery youth differently than adults, as in the case of lizards.

Reptiles have scaly skin, allowing them to maintain body moisture and live in deserts and dry environments, but ... have the disadvantage of not being able to retain heat in winter and for this reason hibernate during the cold months, in some hole lethargic reptile with low minimum vitals waiting for the new day the sun will make them again dominate earth.

Although reptiles are cold-blooded animals called when the sun warms their blood has almost the same temperature as ours. A significant difference with respect to warm-blooded animals is that they need to eat frequently to maintain blood temperature, however the reptiles eat when they caught something, may be much longer unglued living snack with no apparent problems of reserves generated cumulative with other prey.

Now that we know is a reptile we know that is not a reptile, like the salamander which at first glance looks like a lizard, but it is an amphibian, their offspring are not born on the mainland.

There have scales ... but a porous skin, since they need to breathe through the skin.