Starfish Marine aquarium


Starfish are one of the most famous marine invertebrates in the world of aquatics and also highly demanded by the fans.

The hardest and long-lived species are undoubtedly large starfish and carnivorous, they feed on mollusks.

To eat these molluscs manage to open their shells with the strength of his arms.

Although also eat other invertebrates, such as corals and sponges.

The genus most common of these are starfish Oreaster, collecting tropical sea stars.

The stars are very greedy and keep the aquarium clean shellfish and other fish ... I think you noticed that specific aquariums is recommended for them.

Unless you have a Tweak ... where big stars eating living things can go without being noticed too.

A good option is to opt for stars of the genre Nardoa, which are less greedy and accept frozen food, which would leave alone the other aquarium inhabitants.

The principial enemies of the stars are the prawns Hymenocera, who are specialists eating starfish and some fish that prey on the merits of seabed such as some sharks.

The stars are reproduced as you know from other piece of starfish.



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