How to prepare for our birds natural nests

If we are lucky to have a aviary during the months of good weather sure many species of wildlife and tropical birds breed in our house. Many times, the motivation for breeding is the main success factor for our little estrildids.

A good hiding place and a quiet place will make you feel safe enough to raise themselves to their offspring.

On the field we have many reeds and plants can serve as a fantastic place to build natural nest for our Diamonds eg Mandarins, Gouldian, Goldfinches, even canaries.

Within this small kills, we can introduce a small nest of rope pita, where our birds end with a nest according to their customs, a basket, a ball, etc. ...

Prior to use it is advisable to sterilize the plant, if you have serious aphid was perfect, as it deborarian our birds, especially in breeding season, but unfortunately it can take many, many things.

To clean the herbs and plants we can use a special sprays for birds and their parasites can put the plant in the microwave in a bag that are carefully ignite, almost better recommend the first option.

This technique also can be used in underground breeding cages in one of the inner corners of the cage can place this camouflage to make the nest, you will see how changing the way and enjoy the birds breeding in captivity.