Finally a good use for leeches

After a good headache! finally I use leeches for something.

Some time ago I got with my aquarium plants these little critters, I do not see them to do anything or fish or invertebrates, but are a little ... not how to explain, not a nice bug.

I tried with traps: Aquarium Trap for leeches

I tried to fish: Brachigobius doriae

And still out there ... then today I got into one of the tanks of the trap shrimp leeches and I got a few, with tweezers I have been collecting and dropping in Cyprinodon eremus aquarium protein 100%, the largest female was eaten by at least 10 ... as follow so is going to get very fat ...

Now I know what I'll do, I'll keep trying with other species of the genus Aphanius, the first will be the anatoliae, they are beautiful ...

The truth is that I could only see leeches invertebrates aquariums shrimp tanks, the rest seem clean, if not eat the adult because they are very hard if the offspring should be cleaning them is not even a ... so to be a good feast of flesh.