Plastic trays for fish

When the budget is low and desire are high we can make do almost anything, even with an ashtray ...

A good solution if you have room and want to raise some species outside during the warmer months are the plastic trays of multiprice stores.

We get about 50-60 liters buckets modico price for 7-8 Euros, if you speak to the manager and tell him we got 10 can we do something off.

They are an ideal solution for the fry, we put some plants and water that is mature and if we can put up or interior air filters.

But ... as everything has its but certainly more usher you already thought conteis not with them over a year, by erosion and corrosion of the plastic by the sun, temperature changes, etc. ... a year or so may suffer some fissure and emptied, so that the fish would have a problem without water and lose the population.

I've used those for over a year without problem while he was slowly able to buy glass aquariums are more durable.

Also you have a few buckets solutions that are more resistant a material, but the price is not the same, this is certainly a way to get a fast and simple economic aquarium.