The cold water fish red beret

Cold water fish red beret are one of the preferred colorations cold water aquariums.

Family are the oranda fish are a very simple, in hard water almost any temperature without heating.

It is important that we keep them in an aquarium of a minimum size of about 100 liters, are fish that reach a size of up to about 35 cm, so we can forget about the fishbowl discussion, the fact that these conditions hold water does not favor at the time to give you the truth container.

The red wax your head make it unique, and so is called red cap fish.

We will not have problems with any other fish, it's all quiet.

We must bear in mind that due to its size and generally mantenienen in aquariums without any kind of plants, changes must be constant as well as a good filtration of the aquarium.

Sexing the red berets is not easy, when in breeding season, males have white streaks or spots on the gills, while females do not.

Playback with copies of appropriate age and space conditions and water quality make it quite simple, Ref many eggs that hatched fry in droves.