Information about Dwarf Pufferfish

Start by its scientific name, Carinotetraodon Travancoricus

Originally from Asia, China, Indonesia.

It is a small fish, about 3'5 cm in adult height, is starting to become a kind used in nano aquariums.

We maintain it at a temperature of about 20-28 ° C.

They like the high medium hardness water with pH of 7-8

It is a brackish water species, it is advisable to add some salt to the water, but this is always a problem for plants, although we could reconcile with java ferns that could tolerate such parameters.

It's pretty comilon, refieron me they are your teeth can eat shrimp, snails ... and other fish, so better think if you have tank mates, because quite possibly make the rounds.

As its normbre indicated in case of threat or stress your body swells.

One more interesting is that the puffer fish can poison your own meat if necessary just to be extremely lethal to their predators.

It is not easy sexing this species, the males have males have a dark line on the belly, while females do not.

We will provide a good supply of these fish with worms, snails and live food.

They are extremely profilicos, lay their eggs that we can move to another aquarium, where micro-organisms feed them until they reach a larger size starting brine shrimp, daphnia, grindal ... is recommended that plants are so you can find all these rotifers with which to evolve.