There are over 300 species of sharks...

There should be about 350 or more species of sharks, sources sometimes and sometimes figures are others, but we have been unable to find the full list of shark species, we would have liked to get.

Sharks are a fantastic animals, we all know the famous white shark, one of the most feared thanks to Hollywood, but not the most aggressive. There have been many rankings, each others positions and positions top down, these sharks are the best known.

tiger Shark

Bull Shark

whale Shark

Tiburon hammer

white Tiburon

And some lesser known:

basking Shark

Grey shark

Tiburon lemon

Shark Cat

Tiburon nurse

.... but surely these not may know, so I invite you to give a tour of wikipedia where you will find much information about sharks.

Sharks in their vast majority are in danger because of the fishing action discriminated against, despite their fierce looks are a very vulnerable.

The Sharks have to move in order to breathe, thus passing the water through their gills, is a distinct characteristic of other fish.

The Sharks put some strange eggs have a spiral to adhere to rocks.

They have a sense of smell blood and they love ... are long-lived animals, aged between 20 and 30 years depending on the species life course.

Imagine yourself to be doing diving with sharks, the heart rate goes through the roof, is a litmus test for moderation and calm.

Sharks because of their size swimming in open sea and rarely found near the coast.