Elephant Fish Information

Start by its scientific name, Gnathonemus petersii

This time we will make the record in a way that we love, we raise the questions we can ask and answer, this way cover our curiosity with comprehensive information of this beautiful fish.

From where is it?

He is originally from West Africa, is one of the most curious fish that we see, not only for its horn, but being able to have it in an aquarium. I will say that the hammerhead is not funny, imagine that you go to the pet store and which you are viewing in a fishbowl ... if it's odd.

What does it eat?

It seems that feeds the same as the rest of the fish larvae eat the substrate red, daphnia, brine shrimp ...

What water parameters needs?

Slightly acidic water, pH 6'5-7, Gh 6, the temperature should be at least about 22-24 ° C, since at lower temperatures will be at risk of catching fungi.

What size aquarium fish I can have the elephant?

It is a fish "large", reach a size of about 20-25 cm, which is why we must think in aquariums of at least 180-200 liters for maintenance.

How to play?

It is ovoviviparous, very simple to explain, as a species that everyone knows, the guppy, for the same, the female will give birth to live offspring after develop in her womb ... or the cavity corresponding course.

How the sexes differ elephant fish?

Not apparently differ, perhaps we could sexarlos by DNA ... a bit tricky.

How long can it live?

Not have much information, but it is a fish that exceed 5 years.

What other fish could I place it with?

Despite its tranquility and its nocturnal habits is not a fish that take too well to the community aquarium.

It is quite territorial, so we must keep copies of the same species in a small space.

What I can have with shrimp?

If you do not want the elephant fish to eat them ... not

Is a fish hard?

If it is a fish of which not much is known, but perhaps with patience and your experience can be very informative, we encourage you to complete this form with your help This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Any extra curious elephant fish?

If, generates small downloads with which paralyzes its prey ... curious, very curious is this fish, I wish I had a large aquarium ...