Required to travel with our dog

Now that summer is coming and we decided to go on vacation if we bring our pet with us must meet certain standards needed to be able to move with our dog.


All animals must be subject, either by transport util and in a place that can not be moved, either in the back seat and restrained by a harness or in a cage on a trailer, but no animal can go without restraint and much least in the front seat


When travelling it is advisable not to feed the animal before, you can get dizzy while travelling and causing an 'emergency stop' to clean up the vomit of our pet.


Remember always carry immunization records, identification papers of the animal and if it is a potentially dangerous animal muzzle, compulsory insurance and permission to potentially dangerous dogs


Always take the animal's usual food, exchange food with dogs often suffer sudden diarrhoea for a couple of days


If our dog there we know it tide the animal products that relieve anxiety during travel


Beware of the stops for coffee, drinks…, never leave the animal alone in the car, a neglect of five minutes and the animal can suffocate inside a vehicle in the sun.


Never let the animal his head through the window, this may cause conjunctivitis or otitis addition to a financial penalty.


If the trip is long a stop every two hours is needed both for us and for our pet


Care to reach the destination, always tied to the animal down vehicle


Already in the destination if you encounter other dogs always carry tied, we never know how they can react, especially if they are male


If we choose the beach as a destination for our vacation, we know that by law in some beaches is forbidden to enter the dog, there are some other zones in which we can go with the animal, and always carry a bag to collect their excrements. If the dog is bathed on the beach, never stop to drink salt water, is very harmful to your kidneys, then washed with water to remove excess salt coat


Always wear a pair of our pet toys, her favourite blanket, the sprue… is advisable to not notice the radical change