Mini Pets

At present people have many things, all we want, except much space normally.

When you have children at home space is reduced, because they also need their own space, and in a few years they will begin to experience the world around them, need bike, computer, books, toys and "pets".

In each of these aspects responsibility of parents plays a very important role and we want to help in the selection of pets.

For each species we will choose one of the smallest, but smaller, with your feet on the ground a pet that you can find on the market world of pets.










Sure you may have many more fields, but here and you have a good range to have pets at home.

Undoubtedly the bird you are going to select is the budgie, a parrot miniature which we will be working many tricks and even some words, look, here you have a great article about socialization of parakeets.

How to tame budgies

Among the miniature dog breeds we will give you 2 options, buzzards Valencia, a big dog trapped in a small body, with a lot of character and intelligence. On the other hand the Yorkshire dwarf companion dog that will give you lots of love and tenderness.

Small Cats we are not aware of any, but the cat is stealthy and not know or that they have at home, so if ... Recollect to put food and water.

Fish in an aquarium small, about 10 liters, never even think of putting a fish orange, seek something else, such as a mini gobies, very pretty and that may be in that size aquarium.

Freshwater invertebrates are a good choice, they are very fashionable and a 5 liter nano aquarium can keep red sakura shrimps very nice, look up how many colors there:

Color list for shrimp Neocaridina heteropoda

The insects do not live long, unless we catch them the trick to renew cycle to cycle, the most famous and surely know her are the silkworms.

The terrarium reptiles need a minimum of about 25 liters, which can keep some small lizard, but it will be easy to find, maybe some gecko, but not so small aquarium.

The rodent par excellence, undoubtedly will be the Russian hamster with this podreis much play and have fun watching your concern and activity ... provided that there is sleeping.

Smaller plants and curious that I can recommend are the stone cactus, small pieces of life that do not need watering more than few times a year.

Lithops, stone cactus.

Of course forget about these animals, because they need a large space, many times we get small but then grow

Turtles, parrots, large dogs, chameleons ...