What is Albinism?

Albinism is a genetic mutation in which there is a non pigmentation in eyes, skin and hair or feathers.

In humans the albino is a recessive character, however in some animals this mutation is dominant and sex-linked.

Albino mutation does not affect the health of the animals, so for this reason espectactiva should have a life equal to that of an ancestral exemplary. The main problem of any living with the albino mutation is the absence of pigmentation in the eyes, that vulnerable to radiation protection are prone to blindness.

The albino gene is widespread within what might be called color mutations in all kinds of pets such as fish, birds, dogs, reptiles ... partial lack of pigmentation makes a new color with its unique beauty and for this reason of uniqueness or rarity are perpetuated specimens thoroughly with these mutations for maintenance and reproduction.

We can find albino animals of any species as examples I put a swab of snow, the famous albino gorilla, white sparrows, originally fish are black and the albino mutation are white.

People really feel the same, it is shocking to see a black albino, but then is so because we are not used, it happens once every 50,000 people.

The same goes for animals.

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