Automatic Acclimatization new fish and shrimps

The acclimatization of our new tenants is a sensitive issue, a bad start can make even fish or shrimp that are perfect in a few days by stress suffer fungi or any other type of illness.

Especially if shrimps or fish have been sent by mail after a long journey, the exchange of Co2 have done that the pH of the water in which they travel is quite low as well as temperature, which have happened gradually and abrupt change is not good.

The automatic system is explained here in the aquarium destination of our new tenants, whether fish or shrimp put a container inside with fish, gradually equalizing the temperature will go up on a shelf or on a container will cover aquarium water and a rubber with a dropper on the end that will fill the container drip where they are the shrimp or fish. When this container will overflow gradually mingling with aquarium water and fish and shrimp will alone.

Once we are out and remove the container and finish filling the tank.