How to send fish

Well, I'll make a short  version as sending fish, it's really simple, many internet articles are loooong and is much easier.

Firstly, travel time, if we send in our own country, Priority Mail usually work in one or two days maximum, so.

Leave the fish in fasting 1 day

We will use a small plastic bottle where we put half water and fish, close it and send by express mail, the bottle tightly closed in a plastic bag so they do not leave the water.

Do not put more than 2 or 3 if they are small fish in the bottle.

Are sent Similarly, grindal worms, shrimp, snails ...

Second option, if the journey will be long, we should always try not delayed more than 1 week, as this time pass options decrease and stay alive is meaningless then send anything.

These fish you see in the picture are some anatolaie Aphanius I came from Poland, sent them on Monday and arrived Friday, not too good, but are recovering.

We follow the same procedure, the fish 1 day fasting.

Kordon bags and we'll be using 1 or 2 fish per bag

We'll put in a bag of polystyrene and we always send urgent, as quickly as possible.

Considerations to take into account:

Better small fish than large

Never send extreme temperatures, or in summer or full winter

always priority express mail

Make a good acclimatization when they arrive and have prepared food such as brine shrimp or daphnia live.



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