Choosing a proper leash

Surely those who have a dog with powers quite understand the meaning of these lines.

We like to go with our dogs out in the evenings or help out when we have some free time with to enjoy with our pet, when we tell the animal that we will go out once it gets happy and revolutionizes...


If dog is a Chihuahua or Yorkshire type dwarf no problem with the Yanks, but if it is a young animal and sticking power pulls are nothing desirable for the back.


We can have the animal on a short leash lest tugs, normally a dog leash usually measured 1.5 meters, the need to be extended where we let our dog rope, but there are also belts with a spring in tip that cushion the pull of the animal, these first 3 steps the dog and gain speed is the problem of pulling in dry (if your partner is a operated hernia on the back is not very advisable to have to endure yerks giving the animal) the truth a good invention.


Asking the vet told us that this type of leash are great for walking dogs with lots of energy, the first days notice that is a little hard but with the passage of time, when the spring wears out and take a joy flexibility will be all the walk to our animal without having to put up with annoying and uncomfortable jerks.


Also there are very expensive, good leash can be worth what you want to spend, for example, a regulatory staffy leash (leather leash that can cost more than 40 €) if you want to take it to exhibitions is obligatory, such as are nylon leash can cost around 5 €, plus save some other unnecessary back pain.


In closing, if you have a dog that does not have much energy do not bother buying this type of leash, but if instead your pet when you go out for a walk gives many jerks try it, sure you notice the difference and your health appreciate.



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