Dog fleas  

Sure the life of your dog ever just catching fleas, fleas are external parasites, fortunately easy to cure. The dog flea is known scientifically as Ctenocephalides canis


To flea infestation must control their cycle life is basically a problem that comes with summer temperatures, lay eggs while living on our dog and then become future flea infestations.


Fleas only affect dogs?

NO, and who has a confident dog has also suffered occasional annoying flea bite.


What should we watch?

If we are home and our dog scratches can abundantly falling directly flea eggs carpets, carpets or just above the sofa or bed (normally we should not let our dog stand on the sofa or the bed ... but in house you do what you want, or leave it…)


How to prevent fleas?

Avoid walking with your pet in places where cattle passes, outfield, where insurance can catch this annoying pest.

Prevention is not 100% accurate, now there are many products, such pipettes that apply to the animal's coat or necklaces (of dubious effectiveness and quite expensive), or recommend some spray (Frontline) that after washing the animal fur and apply repellent make, we can find from 30 € and the bottle can last a couple of years.


How to remove fleas from home?

CLEANING, plain and simple, vacuum frequently, carpets where the dog has stayed remember then immediately throw away the bag with the remains of the cleaner to prevent flea eggs from growing. Wash towels with often we showered...


Above all it is keep track of your pet, much more in summer season with the arrival of these happy parasites. If your pet has a short coat will be much easier to find (if a staffy) if instead our pet has a long coat (German shepherd) will be more attractive for this parasite and harder to find for us


Facts about fleas:

Always give 3 pecks are followed.

They can stay for up to two years in a state of larvae.

They can go without food even up to 20 months

A flea can jump 150 times its size, think of a person in a jump 1.70 meters would travel 255 meters in 4 hops would exceed 1 Km, Valencia - Madrid in 1200 jumps ... more quickly than a Ferrari ...

When a flea tires of an animal and has a chance to infect another animal whenever you move.


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