Do not leave your turtle!

 2 Tortuga

All stories about turtles have the same principle... A turtle for children. At first it seems a easier  pet. Why we chose a turtle for children?

. - Is small

. - Does not eat much

. - Not bite (much either ...)

. - takes up little space

. - It seems that no mess

. - Is worth little money

Well, you see that many of the reasons that seem to favor the acquisition of a turtle as a pet then become the opposite, because, a month we realize that the turtle has the following disadvantages:

. - Grows to fit on your turtle

. - Need quality food, not just dry gammarus

. - As you neglect bites you

. - We must expand turtle tank because it leaves the container and escapes

. - The water makes a mess past half hour, turtles produce a specified salmonella.

Overall, at this point, we are tired of the turtle, and makes no trick, do not feel, do not give us love ... What can we do with our valued reptile? Do not even think releasing it in a swamp, a source in a river ... Do not be irresponsible, if you bought, be responsible!

Possible solutions:

1st. – Give the turtle to another responsible

2nd. - Care the turtle for his duration, which is not little.

3rd. - Seek a protector and deliver

We have our rivers and swamps filled with exotic turtles that do no good to our fauna, our iberican  turtles are being threatened by commercial species as they can be galapagos or oranges eared.

1 Tortuga 

Recently we found this turtle abandoned in the bush, only God knows how he could get there by herself, sadly did not have a happy ending as much effort we put.

Remember that a pet is a responsibility, it is important to learn their needs well before rushing to her, if we spend 20 Euros on a turtle, why not shop for 10 Euros before this a good book? Surely we leave 10 Euros cheaper, because we will end up buying another type of animal according to our possibilities or the best available will all our new pet.

Good luck with your turtle, is an animal that fascinates us. We recommend reading books like this, to have minimal guidance.



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