Aphanius apodus

Let's start thanking these pictures to a friend of hobby. The photos are great as is this beautiful species.

Aphanius apodus, originating in Algeria, found only in a particular region between Constantine and Batna.

Their habitats are temperate water sources.

Not sure its current state and may this beautiful species is only in aquariums and fans.

Its size is about 4'5 to 5 mm. It has a feature that distinguishes it from other aphanius, has no ventral fins.

There is a marked sexual dimorphism in other Aphanius species, females are of a brownish color, but males have a bright yellow spot on the belly, and a blue color in the caudal and dorsal fins, especially in time of playlist show their most beautiful bridal livery, aiming to attract females and intimidate rival males defending a territory.

Reproduction is advisable in aquariums minimum of 60 liters for a threesome, more males whenever we better at least 3 or 4 and a few females, so that all fights are not focused on a dominant male and one dominated.

Require high medium hardness waters, can aditar 1 tablespoon salt per 15 liters.

As in all systematic of Aphanius is advisable to have a period of time with lower temperatures somewhat to make a break and with increasing temperature and light catalyze reproductive instincts.

Incubation temperature dependent but will be between 7 - 15 days.





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