The Size of the Borneo Pleco

The cold water pleco, Pseudogastromyzon myersi also has other common names like butterfly loach, Deble slice loach windy or cold water or cold water algae sucks.

  It has a flattened body horizontally as a flounder, a fish suited to cold water flows in rivers and streams. Its skin changes color and intensity adapting dond is attached to the bottom, you could also call chameleon loach.

Native to eastern Asia, in China and Hong Kong

The sexual dimorfism is  found in nasal areas, but protruding in males, particularly in the breeding season.

Need large aquariums, about 80 liters, it reaches about 6 cm size and needs lots of hiding places and good water quality to feel comfortable.

When we say good quality water we mean clean, oxygenated water, has no problem with the other parameters, including temperature, we can keep it outside without problems.

Fish are omnivores, they feed on anything that can fall to the aquarium, as well as algae, frozen insect larvae .

It is a peaceful species with other species, only defend territory against other congeners of the same species.

We must pay attention to this aspect, being so timid fish do not compete for food with other fish and if you can not feed starving shortly

The reproduction is not easy, are oviparous. The males make a nest where the female in breeding condition will make the start. Depending on the temperature the eggs hatch between 10 and 15 days.

It is advisable to provide shelter for the new fry tiny butterfly loaches, we can put as sutrato rounded river gravel that provide shelter and food for Borneo pleco fry.