Be aware of wild animals.

Things are only learned when we have happened.

Pets are animals with survival instincts are atrophied a little bit.. so we should pay special attention to certain situations.

Wild animals usually will not approach human sites, but when hunger strikes will not hesitate to do so.

Besides becoming more and more we are reducing its chances, is well known for small raptors to be colonizing our cities.

Here is a simple definition of a predator: animal that wants to eat something alive than a plant. And not have to be a lion, we could be talking about a simple common dragon, this animal will eat our silkworms as let in the balcony, so be careful.

We will tell you some experiences so that you have caution with your pets.

Dragons,  The case was not joking. Long ago we had mealworms in our balcony to feed our birds and reptiles, which was the surprise when a good day we found a really fat dragon inside eating up all the mealworms ... easy food.

Now think about our canaries for example, if we leave them in a cage on the balcony or terrace empty cage we can find a good day for a rat, a hawk or a small snake could eat them right away, just to be able to spend over there. So we pay special attention to homes and houses near the orchard.

Now think of your small dog, for example a yorkshire or chiuahua, these dogs are often smaller than a rabbit and Who eats rabbits or rats? Well if we have a house in a mountain area from above it all away these dogs will seem clumsy hungry rabbits and the eagle will not hesitate to eat one of them, even if they have pedigree.

Another fearsome predator especially for our birds are cats, you better let them out of reach, which will be difficult, because cats go crazy with the birds, especially if they are half feral.

Finally, you ought to be careful with your dog if go to take a walk to the field because our pets are curious and we sometimes pass in front of any animal and as we don't realise about their presence nothing happens, but if the dog sniffs around a bite can be no desired, in the field there are many unvaccinated vermin.