The most mythical animals


The difference between a man and animale is planning capacity, perhaps this is the only reason we are still here, but we still have to scramble if you want to still be within a few million years ...

Capacity plan is directly related to inventiveness, imagination and thought the world of images.

Everything has its good side and its bad side, in the relationship with nature for many years man has made us imagine mythical or mythological animals at will. And we take esteos naturebrain a collection of animals, which I share below:

Gryphon, half lion and half eagle.

Kraken, Giant Octopus marine

Ave fenix, fire bird

Werewolf, half man and half wolf, also called licant

Minotaur, half man and bull ited

Unicorn magic horse with a horn on the forehead

Dragons, large fire-breathing flying reptiles

Sirens, seafaring legends speak of very beautiful women with fishtail

Centaurs, half men, half horses

Hippogryphs, half horse and half griffin

Ents, human-shaped trees that can move

Yeti, hairy giant who lives in the ice

Big foot, wild and hairy giant who lives in the woods of north america

Fauns, animals mythological half man and half goat

The Loch Ness Monster, nessi, a dinosaur that lives on the lake and that has not been discovered yet.

Basilisk is a bit strange, half-lizard, half-snake, with very bad temper, hence the expression.

Chupacabras, would like a vampire, but more animal.

Hydra, is a seven-headed sea serpent.

Chimera animal goat body, lion head and tail of a serpent.

Surely there will be many more and rare, but these are the best known, a complete list of mythological animals.