The green shrimp


Caridina cf. Babaulti "Green"

Green shrimp

Size: Up to 4cm in females, males 3cm.

Temperature: 20-28 ° C.

Parameters: pH: 6.5-7.5. GH: 8-20. Kh 4 -6.

Aquariums: 10 liters

Food: They will accept all types of food.

Origin: India

Difficulty: Easy.

Behavior: Peaceful

The green or babaulti Gamba is a small algae eater aquarium that will eat everything, native to India and very peaceful. Near the end as with all shrimp that we maintain, not true that species is known, but has a strong resemblance to the Caridina babaulti, but could be a subspecies or hybrids with other species.

Green srhimps are relatively hard and easy to maintain, in the above table you have available the parameters necessary for proper maintenance and reproduction.

Being a green  shrimp if we keep very planted aquariums we will find hard to find them.

It is a very peaceful and quiet srhimp, if we keep with fish of average size or aggressive will lose them, fish will eat them or will not breed and eventually die.

Food is similar to other aquarium shrimp, eat everything, mainly vegetables and algae will find in our aquarium, so will his role well to hold off the green algae.

Anyway, here you have some items that can help you to prepare homemade meals for shrimp.

Homemade food for shrimps

Homemade food for shrimps

Neocaridina shrimp Feeding

If you hold it in proper water conditions they breed in great quantity, although adults can be kept without problem in soft water for best reproduction are best kept in hard water, where the zoeas will grow and easier adaptation.

The sexes are easy to distinguish, the females are much larger than males, about 3'5 cm and males 2.5 cm, in the photo above are some blue and some green pearl babaulti, females are more similar in size to the blue, however the males we see that are significantly smaller.

With only four months old the green will be able to reproduce, will lay eggs every 2 months. During the late evening will occur courtship, males seek females to fertilize their eggs than females transported for about 4 weeks, depending on the temp control.

As you see in the picture, but the shrimp is called green and many internet photos you see a neon green, are not always that color and often are of a greenish brown tone.