A dog with character

50 years ago there was not the variety of dogs we have now. Formerly a boxer dog was an exotic dog. We all had the same dogs. Or we had we had big dogs or small dogs.

And the little dog in every house was the Ratonero Valenciano. A small titan with extraordinary intelligence and amazing genius.

A dog who earned his name for his skill in hunting small rodents, keeping the house free of these pests.

As a kid in my neighborhood had a dog free in the neighborhood of this breed. Everyone really cared and who lived many years, I remember three stories about him.

The first was that going to the market every day and sit in front of the poultry shop. Alli gave him a chicken leg and left.

The second was that there was a super-posh poodle dog on my street, lets see if the dog was... that she had depressions and spent weeks under her owner's bed without wanting to eat. Well, this dog did not want to love any other dog male could ever raise, because he was in love with this little Ratonero Valenciano, but of course by high pure-bred he never got what he wanted.

The last anecdote was when I saw this puppy inch-tall piece cast back to a German shepherd who does not see it that does not believe, genius often had the champion.

As you see this breed known for his wit, courage and was worth. Without ceasing to be a faithful companion to his owner and ever vigilant.

It's very funny to see a horse cart a Ratoner Valenciano tied to his belt pulling the cart as the largest horse.

Finally we would say that is a big dog in a small jar.



 Club Español del Ratonero Valenciano



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