Do we make homemade shrimp sticks?

Shrimps eat everything, they will eat anything that they see, but these sticks are somewhat unusual, as the shrimp and snails fall become like crazy, you pull over until it's over.

The recipe is simple, if we do a good amount for a very long time and to share with fellow fondness for shrimp freshwater aquarium.

The process is simple, look at the porridge that is made in the following photo, the first thing to get is that, then we will make the sticks like in the last picture and let dehydrate, take a few days, I put them in the oven for a while , but eventually gave up and sun are now almost ready to save.


Ingredients to make food for shrimps and crabs home:

. - Tomato

. - Red Pepper

. - Green Pepper

. - Zucchini

. - Cucumber

. - Kiwi

. - Platano

. - Apple

. - Spirulina

. - Peas

. - Lettuce

. - Chard

. - Spinach

. - Carrot

. - Tropical fish flakes

. - Mushrooms

. - Onion

. - Papata

. - ... if you have anything else, feel free to add it... no problem.


The manufacturing process is also simple, need to boil all the vegetables so they are squishy and have the same texture. In about 10 minutes we will have boiled.

Then we take the mixer and beat everything together, fruits, vegetables, egg shells, flakes, spirulina ... until we get the pap

To make the sticks I started with a syringe fat, but I ended up with a cut corner plastic bag, otherwise the process never ended, moreover, although at the photo you see fat sticks after some time they make smaller, because they dry and you can break the piece you want.

Once we have this done is put at just a few days until we see them completely dry.

I used to put them up to put in the oven paper and foil, I've done better because tinfoil to dry in direct sunlight before.

Well, good luck with shrimps, you see in the first picture as to throw like crazy by sticks. They eat it all without exception, the cherry, the sakura, the Cambarellus, japonicas, blue pearl, black sakura ... them all.