How to build a homemade trap for fish and invertebrates?

Build a trap for fish and invertebrates is very simple. As you see in the photo, simply cut a plastic bottle and turn it around. Will create like a funnel and fish will enter but they can't easily come out.

Depending on if we want to trap a pond, for a large fish tank or a smaller bottle we use a large, small or a big bottle of water.

Inside the bottle is introduced some stones to not float and bait. But be careful when removing the stones because we could crush the fish, crab or shrimp.

What we can do is put some stones or bricks on the outside with duct tape, then it will not float.

Similarly we can make small holes in the bottle so that between water and can smell the bait, they look and how to enter, do not worry.

Well, we hope that with this simple homemade trap to catch Brico fish and spend a great time fishing shrimps, crabs, fish or whatever you can.