Dangers suffered for our pets in the parks

The first thing is you do not forget that by law all dogs must go tied but the truth is that owners we forget.

With the arrival of warm weather parks are sprayed with pesticides that can provoke powerful occasional disgust if we enjoyed an afternoon with our pet. The company responsible for the fumigation must mark off with posters and prior the scheduled day of sprayingn, the product and the end date of the danger if not do this is reportable and any veterinary expenses that comes to negligence on the part of the company can pass the care of what it has cost us. Furthermore it is no dogs but the kids playing in the park and then you know ... hands goes to the mouth.

A high level of exercise from the beginning is bad, we must first entertain our animal to warm their limbs for at least 10 minutes before releasing and 100% start to play with their colleagues from the pack.

For years in some parks of Valencia there are some peoplewho are dedicated to throw pieces of food poisoning or nails to harm our pets.

The pines, although we provide good shade in summer must be very careful with the caterpillars that live there, the pine processionary, animals can reach with his tongue touching them causes severe itching, very careful with the intake since it can cause an inflammation of the larynx that can result in suffocation, or may even cause necrosis in the mouth of our pet and to lose a piece of tongue.

Never feeding the animal before leaving to practice exercise, this may end in a twist of stomach and even lead to surgery for our pet and leave marked and for the rest of his life.

Broken glass, splintered wood can cut our pets, simply throw a 2 animals chipped and nailed wood chips in the mouth.