If you are interested in explore the dog shows world, I recommend enrolling in a canine society, have access to useful information such as dates of competitions and exhibitions, newsletters, training presentation sessions, meet people with more experience ...)


 Pedigree, if unfortunately you adopted the dog in a doghouse, and you can’t get his pedigree the animal can not compete.

 Veterinary inspection during the contest


 They are small local exhibitions, often organized within a canine club, used to accustom the dog to the dynamics of the exhibitions, not play points.

 Beauty exhibitions

 The first thing to know is that the dog does not compete with other dogs, ¿How? In exhibitions judges compare each dog with the standard race (weight, size, physical characteristics ...) The judge observes the dog from a distance and from different angles, examine their teeth, muscle tone, its vividness, the presenter should walk the dog in the form of a pattern that Judge specify.


 There are three types of exposures championship:

 1 An overview, where all recognized races by the Kennel Club can participate.


 1 Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

 Eg: Border Collie, German Shepherd

 2 Pinscher and Schnauzer. Molossian dogs Swiss Mountain and Cattle type

eg Doberman, Mastiff Spanish

 3 Terriers

 Eg: West Highland White Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

 4 Teckels

 Eg Dachshund

 5 Dogs Spitz and primitive type

 Example: Alaskan malamute, Podengo Canario

 6 Hounds, tracker dogs (except hounds) and related breeds

 Eg Basset Hound, Beagle.

 7 Pointing Dogs

 Eg Burgos Retriever, Brittany Spaniel

 8 Hunting retrievers. Hunting Dogs lifters. Water Dogs

 Eg Cocker Spaniel, Spanish Water Dog

 9 Dogs Company

 Eg Miniature Poodle, Maltese Bichon ...

 10 Sighthounds

 Eg: Afghan Hound, Galgo Spanish ...

In each breed judges males and females separately and classes (youth, veterans, puppies ...) resulting in one winner per class and sex eg best male German Shepherd puppy and best female German shepherd puppy, then going to get the best of each group, eg, for Group 1 compete the best in class, best male German Shepherd puppy against best male Border Collie puppy, and once you know the best in class in each group competes for the best of show.

 2 A group exhibition, where only dogs can participate in the group races grouped

 3. Monographic, also called ‘one race’, limit participation to one race dogs


 Never take your dog with a collar and leash other than their fur, highlight the collar over the dog and not what we want.

 Wash the dog the day before the contest or exhibition

 Forget the camera all day; focus on your work, only presenter, someone else can do the photos.

 Don’t tell the judge how the dog unless you ask, the judge can think you are trying to influence their decision

 Hairdressing dogs; go to a professional for preparing the exhibition and not left to the last minute.

 If the championship is out of your town, travels in advance, at least one day prior to the dog out to compete rested, not after a long journey.



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