Australian Finches

When we think of cage birds always comes to mind the world renowned Canary . Among the amateur bird cage we could do several four main groups:


Exotic finches



We will focus on a small group of Exotic finches, known Australian finches, from the arrival of the first units to central Europe caused a great espectation, nobody could ever imagine unsurpassed beauty. Undoubtedly speak of the King of Australian finches, the Gouldian finch, red or black head, purple chest, neck and neck blue, yellow belly, green back ... one authentic color scheme . Thanks to captive breeding right now we could mention hundreds of possible combinations in colors of head, chest and back.

Australian finches eat basically differente millet seeds and we could breed them without problems in spacious cages or aviaries for breeding. Without a doubt make a wonderful view combination of colors in a mixed aviary with different species.

Within this group we list more than twenty different species including:

Gouldian finches


Plum head finch

Star finch

Chestnut breasted finch

Masked Finch

Beautiful finch

Diamond finch


Another great recognized is the Zebrafinch famous worldwide for its ease of breeding in captivity, is a breeding machine of their chicks, besides having a nice orange tint in her cheeks. Thanks to its captive breeding also recognize very many mutations and combinations of colors, from black through the body, white or red overall. It is so huge the amount of people who breed this finch that annually are celebrated several exhibitions where breeders show their best birds.


Within the Group there are Finches of many colors, in the next photo we can find Parrot finches, a bird vivacious some harder to find among fans, but highly sought after for its beautiful coloration.

If you are interested to know more about this beautiful group of birds we recommend you to take a walk on the Exotic breeders website where you will find all kinds of exclusive details about these little gems in miniature.