Principle of irresponsibility

The market for pets increasingly moves mountains and invent new things. Well, not that invent, is that commercially exploited. I have to admit they do a good job, it takes me a huge effort to realize about trends before having them in front of my noses and they have almost old.

I write down some examples:

The pitbull ... became fashionable and now are virtually

The French bulldog ... same, I'm trying to think and would bet the Chinese Crested dog as a new trend.

The aquarium shrimp ... are booming

The lovebirds and nymphs papilleras ... booming take about 3 years I'd say, I hate to imagine the number of baby lovebirds will have died in irresponsible hands, thankfully not everyone is the same, I expect that you do your best.

One day in the morning on the radio phoned a girl saying that her weakness was baby lovebirds but did not even know who how many of them she had bought and that all finally died, maybe should have stopped before killing the third one.

As we all know the big parrots are a true wonder, what is the problem ... as the price they have. I sincerely hope not ever lower price, because that will make are worthless and like all things that are not valued end up neglected in the trash or in a dusty corner.

How to exploit market a new line? Easy, Amazonian parrot white version. Show trics to your lovebird or nymph, but there is something we do not have told.

No need to be baby, what is needed is to be every day with him and be very consistent, quality is not very common among people.

We are sold a baby parrot, the slurry, the crib, the blanket, the syringe, the sawdust ... I do not think the joke cost less than 100 dollars at least.

But with inexperienced hands ... that little has little chance. Clean, heat, time to devote every hour or every two hours ... Do you have you thought this through?

Not that I want to discourage anyone, it seems perfect to me that we perform raising a nymph, I am convinced that everyone thinks that buying a pet very attached to its owner or friend to look after her in great detail, but we do not think easy task.

Recommendation: If you have not clear, seek someone who knows what he's doing with proven experience and helps.