Some curiosities about the seagulls

How to have a good start in a presentation to an audience hard? Thanks to the luck of fate had some peculiar teachers with hands tanned of figthing with thick teen trying thousand and one stories to spark their interest in life and health.

I was fortunate to study at a college where you could look out the window and see the sea, I spent few summer afternoons staring into space in history class ...

Well, we started the story, one day one of the teachers started the lesson like this: You do not you come here to study slackers? Then know, that I did not come to teach you anything, I'll tell you a secret, I come here to study gulls and I will tell you some things I've discovered after 10 years teaching at this school.

More than one student thought something weird would happen that evening ... but no, the story continued and also was always true.

In each group of seagulls there is always a seagull we will call dissident this seagull was always contrar than all the others say, if all decide to eat a dead fish, this seagull has to eat it alive, if all decide to take a bath this seaguul stays on the shore. what do you think about? The laughs were heard rumbling in class. Seriously then everyone said, look, gulls always perch in groups of 4 or 5 on lampposts promenade, look out the window and you will see as in each group of seagulls all of them are looking to one side and one of them always in the 100% of cases faces the different side. I have to say that the face we all changed when we looked oudoors.

Immediately everyone sat at their table and fell to the next curiousity about the seagulls.

And our teacher continued his dissertation.

Now I will tell you that in all groups there is a gull who has the fatter eggs, this gull always has to sit above others wherever it is, but on top of the other.

Again laughter strip, and went back to the window to peek the whole class.

Indeed, we could see many groups of gulls on the beach promenade and always had one on a palm tree, on the tip of the lamp or wherever, but above others.

Almost we thought he could not go back to surprise us, but kept an ace up his sleeve, and said: If I want, all the gulls will leave where they are, and no matter how far I am ... so this is what happened, our teacher started moving his arms like wings beating by a large window and began as gulls flying saw him moving away from the position where they were.

Some of you will not trust us so, we hope you could check as soon as possible when you go to the beach or the port.

Let it be in digital memory that afternoon.