Be aware! they can reach 20 cms!


Cherax quadricarinatus, the Australian Blue Lobster for freshwater aquarium, the truth is that they are very beatutiful, that we can not discuss.

Originally they live in water courses become dry leaving only some small pools of water and mud. Native to New Guinea and Australia, there are now many communities in places of Uruguay and Argentina.

Their diet is the same as any crustacean, everything ... we must be especially careful with smaller fish and animals of the aquarium, because as hungry lobster will eat a corydora in less than 2 seconds. You must pay attention to the size that can reach ... in the upper corner of the aquarium a potential 20 inches long with the tail stretched and a quarter pound of weight. Now, we have a good reason to have them at home, we put as a future excuse seafood with lobster and all ... but then you will be friends and we will not eat them, this little angel blue body.

 We will not have problems in terms of parameters of water, will accommodate any type of water and temperature from 10-15 ° C to 30-35 ° C, so never think about throwing them off to any river or pond of your city because you will you be doing a great atrocity irresponsible, it may seem cruel, but that better make a lobster soup with it.

We will need to provide the aquarium with caves and shelter for our lobsters, especially with respect to reproduction. If aquarium conditions are appropriate females hiding his productions made as ceramic logs, broken pots upside down ... and in a time of about three to six weeks we will have some identical cryfish of our lobsters to reach marketable size in about 8-12 weeks time.

Well, if you have a large aquarium with plenty of space, we encourage you to put some blue lobster copies and now there is no excuse not to have lobster at home, they are very nice.