If you plan to buy a dog and have not chosen a name, here's a list depending on type of dog you choose.

 Dwarfs breeds, less than 5 kg (chihuahua, bichon maltese, yorkshire terrier ...)


Messy: Same as football player nicknamed 'The Flea'.

 Vicentin: Vicentin to eat!

 Fiti: As fast as the pilot Fitipaldi Emerson.

 Luisito: Luisito to your site!

 Manchita: Left your kitchen full of stains.

 Chiqui: Chiqui come here!

 Pulgui: As tiny as a flea

 Negrita: Give me your little leg!


Small breeds, between 5 and 14 kg (pug, French bulldog, beagle ...)


Elvis: Sings like Elvis Presley

 Alf: As the animated cartoon

 Duke: The most cool in your neighbour

Coco: devour cookies

 Trufa: Train and find truffles

 Canela: The best of the best.

Luna: Take a walk to the moonlight

 Paris: As smug as Paris Hilton


Medium breeds, between 14 and 25 kg (standfordshire bull terrier, border collie, basset hound ...)


Rocky: The Italian colt

Cristiano: Pass the ball

 Babas: I put the floor full of drool

 Milu: You will be his Tintin

 Vilma: Where is Peter?

Dora: Explore will love

 Duna: Love walking along the beach

 Bandi: Will a bandit


 Large breeds, between 25 and 50 kg (German Shepherd, Dogo Argentino, boxer ...)


Piccolo: Cunning like the character in the cartoon series


Dante: It will be Poet?

 Loco: Beware of crazy!

 Thyson: The most feared in your neighbour.

 Lassie: It will run through the meadows

Milk: Just as white as milk

 Bella: The most beautiful in park

 Sauria: Great as a dinosaur


Giant breeds over 50 kg (Caucasian Shepherd, German Bulldog, St. Bernard ...)


Ares: Will be a warrior

 Tornado: Everything you touch will fly

 Killer: Beware the murderer

 Thor: Will be a thunder

 Katana: Watch his fangs

 Nikita: Wiil be a spy

 Kenya: Love like to travel

 Tara: Will be very heavy



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